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Tools for Frames and Forks

Crown Race Remover Designed to extract otherwise impossible to get at crown races from suspension forks. The tool is used in two stages: first, with a bench vise to separate the race from the fork crown, then with its built-in slide hammer to remove the race from the fork. Fits most forks with 1" to 1.25" diameter steering tubes. Part# CRR-1 The pulling jaws are a perishable item and are available for replacement. Part #CRR-JAW
Click here for instructions in PDF

Fork Cutting Guide - Model I
Cut fork steerer tubes square and to the correct length with this tool. The fork is installed with the headset in the frame, only the locknut is replaced by the cutting guide. The steerer is simply cut with a hacksaw and removal of the guide cleans the threads. Steerer tube sizes: Standard 1"- Part #CG-1 & 1-1/8"- Part # CG-8.


Fork Cutting Guide - Model II
A simplified version of the tool above which fits the most common size forks, 1" and 1-1/8". The saw is simply cut against the guide rather than between two plates. The added benefit is the ability to use it in a bench vise. Part #CG-2

Fork Cutting Guide - Model III
For All Threadless Forks - The Model III Cutting Guide is used to cut any diameter threadless fork in the frame. Using the tool with the fixed spacer, enough stub length (43.2mm) is provided for many stems. When used with the Calibrated Spacer #CG-3A, the tool will produce a wide range of stub lengths (35-46mm) for an exact fit. It takes the guesswork and worry out of the task.
Part #CG-3
Instructions in PDF here

Fork Staiblizer
Attached to the forks below the crown to steady the fork during headset adjustments. With the handle removed from the clamping plates, a good feel of the bearing adjustment is permitted - much better than when there is a wheel in the forks. Safer too when working on light forks. Part #-FS

Right Angle Dropout Alignment Tools --These tools are designed to overcome some of the shortcomings of the more conventional models. The clamping is by use of a quick release mechanism to secure the tools, but prevent them from crawling out of the dropouts. The adjusting barrels provide a range from front hubs to 140 mm rear hub widths. The right angle handles turn through 360 degrees to provide the maximum leverage where it is needed. Additionally, they are provided with calibrations for use with the fork and frame jigs shown below. Part # J


Fork alignment Jig

Holds forks securely and permits the legs to be adjusted in any axis. The central arm pivots into place to provide a target reference at the axle centerline. The dropouts are then adjusted with the Dropout Alignment Tools until the ends of the barrels and the target tube have a 1mm clearance. Fits 1" through 1-1/4" steering tubes. Part #FJ-FC



Frame Alignment Jig
Mounts to the Bottom Bracket Shell and permits the chain stays to be easily aligned. The center arm provides a reference target to which the Dropout Alignment Tools are adjusted. It is easy to see and correct errors in any axis: just move the dropouts until there is a 1 mm space between the end of the J tools and the center target. Fits 68 and 73 mm bottom bracket shells. Part #FJ-CA & FJ-TA


Chainline Checking Tool
A perfectly aligned chainline is very critical to optimize the efficiency of the drive train of a bicycle. This tool rigidly attaches to the outer chainring of the crank and provides a reference as to the correct relationship of the chainrings to the cogs of the cassette. A calibrated measuring indicator is included shows the correct settings for 5-10 speed cassettes. Works on single, double and triple cranks. Part #CLC-1
Instructions in PDF here

Knurling Tool
Expand diameters of fork crown race seats, seat posts, handlebars, and even some stems to obtain a better fit. A bench vise clamps this tool while the part to be knurled is revolved within the rollers. Part #KT
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Headset Locknut Wrench
Grips AROUND the locknut to eliminate slipping and damaging the locknut, especially aluminum locknuts. Permits greater torque to be applied to eliminate loose headset problems. Holds the adjusting wrench from slipping as well. Available in: 32 mm 8 point - Part #HW-32; 36 mm 8 point - Part #HW-36/8; 36 mm 6 point - Part #HW-36/6 ; 40 mm 8 point - Part #HW-40

Stem Facing Tool

The Stem Facing Tool precisely mills the lower face of threadless stems exactly perpendicular to the axis of the steering tube assuring even pressure on the headset bearings. This tool prevents binding of the bearing from pressure on only one side of the headset that can cause premature wear and impede accurate adjustment.
The tool is uses with only hand pressure whille turning the cutter with respect to the stem. The spacer bushing is secured by the stem clamping bolts to provide enough friction to dampen vibration.
Includes bushing for a 1 1/8" stem. Bushings are available for 1" diameter stems. Part# SF-1

Water Bottle Drilling Jig
Used to drill holes for the attachment of water bottle cages on bicycle frames. Particularly useful when installing rivnuts to already painted frames. The first hole is drilled in the jig, then a special pin is inserted to precisely index the second hole. Part #WDG-1

Seatpost Sizing Rods
Useful for determining the diameter of a seatpost for a particular frame tube. Precisely made with engraved dimensions. Part # SZ-1