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Tools For Cranks and Bottom Brackets

Cartridge Bottom Bracket Handle

The Cartridge BB Handle permits assemblies that are really tough to remove from the frame to be extracted with relative ease owing to the way the remover is clamped in place and to the generous leverage available to the user.
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Crank Extractor System
Consists of a special oversize 24 x 1.5 mm piloted tap and pilots to cut new threads into stripped out crank arms while in place on the spindle. The crank is then extracted using a semi-permanently installed combination dust cap/extractor installed in the new threads. The kit contains several of the dust cap extractors and they are also available individually. Includes an adapter for 12 and 15 mm spindle threads of the ISIS or oversize Shimano spindles. A conventional crank puller is also available with this thread. Part #CES

Crank Extractor for TA Cranks

A special extractor is for use with TA Crank arms. It has a 23.0 x 1.0 mm thread. It is very important to use the correct tool or the extractor threads will be stripped out with a standard 22.0x1.0 extractor.

Crank Extractor for Stronglight Cranks

Similar to the above remover, but for 23.35x1.0 mm extractor threads used in the older versions of Stronglight Crank arms. It works for both the Stronglight 49D and Stronglight 93 cranks.

Fixed-Cup Wrench Clamp
Use your present bottom bracket fixed-cup spanner wrenches to install or to remove cups with maximum torque without damaging your knuckles, wrenches, or the frame finish. Since the bottom bracket does not have to be disassembled (as with other fixed cup tools) it is very convienent to use just to check that the cup is tightened properly. The Fixed Cup Wrench Clamp fits crank spindles with an 8x1.thread. An adapter is available for use with 12 and 15 mm threads. An alternate adapter bolt is available for use with "stud type" spindles which use a nut to retain the crank arm. Part #FCC-2

Locking Lockring Wrench

This tool clamps to most common bottom bracket lockrings with specially contoured jaws to remain centered and prevent the tool from slipping, permitting the lockring to be tightened more precisely and with more torque. By increasing the clamping force, the adjustable cup can be made to turn with the lockring to further assist in a precise adjustment. It is also useful for removing lockrings from fixed gear hubs. Part #LW