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Cartridge Bottom Bracket Handle

The Cartridge BB Handle permits assemblies that are really tough to remove from the frame to be extracted with relative ease owing to the way the remover is clamped in place and to the generous leverage available to the user.
The clamping assembly accommodates 8, 12 and 15 mm spindle threads. Additionally, any 32 mm hex size driver will fit into the tool such as the Shimano UN-74S UN-96 and some of the Lifu drivers (LF-11B3 and LF-11D3). Other drivers will be soon available including one for the crank bearing sets with the outboard bearings

Cartridge Bottom Bracket Handle showing the 32 mm hex drivers for both the splined and 8 notch type bearing crank spindles
The tool attached to a bottom bracket bearing assembly. This is an 8 notch "Truvative" unit with a 12 mm diameter spindle bolt

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